EMWG Srl is a branch of Idro Group srl and is specializes in the design, construction and supply of COMPACT & MOBILE water treatment systems providing clean water solutions to companies, organizations and communities needing to improve water quality, to meet sanitation needs and at time to resolve crises caused by natural and man-made disasters.

Idro Group slr is an ISO 9001 quality certified company that values quality materials, excellent workmanship, superior customer service and ethical corporate behavior.

The company has solid experience providing systems, equipment and service to the following valued client groups


Public and government entities

Such as hospitals, airports, ports, military corps, water management bodies, environmental and international cooperation bodies

IGO and NGOs

Inter-government Organizations (IGO) and non-government organizations (NGOs), private foundations, service clubs, charities and religious missions, humanitarian organizations and emergency relief agencies


Hotels, tourist resorts, camps, settlements and residential developments


The mining industry

Private companies

Private companies managing work camps, military camps or settlements for displaced people

Architecture and Engineering

Architectural and engineering companies


Construction companies 



EMWG is a branch of Idro group srl. Expertly applying proven technologies, the Idro Group develops systems for water purification, civil and industrial wastewater treatment and reuse, air deodorization, organic solid waste treatment and for biogas production.To learn more visit us at Idro.