Blue B Shelter

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The BLUE B SHELTER water treatment unit is designed to produce drinking water from brackish water sources such as wells, rivers and lakes including in remote areas with limited water resources. The BLUE B SHELTER is built inside a standard size container which has been modified and recertified for sea and road transport. The BLUE B SHELTER is easy to transport and position on site where the container can remain as the system’s permanent housing. These systems are ideal for use in temporary or permanent settlements including workers camps, temporary or mobile exploration camps, villages or missions.


The BLUE B SHELTER includes pretreatment though sand and cartridge filters. The BLUE B SHELTER is robust and reliable and at the heart of the plant is a reverse osmosis (RO) system complete with pressure pumps and RO membranes specifically designed brackish water. The BLUE B SHELTER is controlled automatically through a dedicated electrical control panel.

Water treatment through reverse osmosis (RO):

Corrosion resistant structure in stainless steel;
Automatic backwashing system;
Filtration pretreatments to protect the membranes and maximize the life of the system.

Plug and play:

Delivered ready for rapid installation onsite;
The system configuration optimizes space which facilitates transport, on site movement and positioning and the final installation.


The system can be made autonomous by adding a power generator and fuel store in another container;
Drinking water storage possible in additional container;
Drinking water distribution including network piping and fountains (street taps) can be easily added to the project.

Construction and materials:

All materials are corrosion resistant;
All pumps are in stainless steel;
Protected from the elements in containerized housing;
Systems are factory tested before dispatch to site.
Raw (feed) water Brackish water
Drinking water flow rate (depending on salinity) 2.5 ~ 15 m³/hr MAX (different models)
Ambient working temperature 5°C ~ 50°C
Installed power 4.5 ~ 12 kW 380 V 50 Hz
Dimensions 6100 x 2400 x 2500 h  mm
(minimum dimensions, different models available)
Spare parts and consumables kits (1, 2 or 3+ year’s supply)
Chemicals, cleaning and conservation products (kits)
Raw and treated water storage tanks (various types)
Photovoltaic system
Power generator and fuel storage (in separate container)
Drinking water distribution system
Training on-site or in EMWG facilities
User and O&M manuals in languages other than English/Italian

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