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The GREEN BIO septic system is ideal as primary treatment for civil waste water destined for further treatment or, with the addition of disinfection chamber, destined for disposal through sub-irrigation. The GREEN BIO system does not consume energy because it functions continuously thanks to a combination of mechanical sedimentation and two biological treatment sections for anaerobic digestion and biological purification using high surface area filling bodies. Given the ease of transport and low maintenance requirements the GREEN BIO units are ideal for the treatment of civil waste water coming from mobile, temporary or permanents settlements such as work camps, missions and villages.


The GREEN BIO septic system includes the following treatment sections: sedimentation, anaerobic digestion, biofiltration, disinfection and sub-irrigation. The civil waste water to be treated enters the system in the first tank which is divided in two sections, in the first compartment the water an its solids undergo sedimentation and heavy matter deposits on the bottom of the tank while the clear water decants into the next section where anaerobic digestion takes place. Following this the water passes into a biofiltration tank where bacteria growing on specially designed filling bodies, with an active surface are of 140 m2/m3, further breakdown impurities in the water. Finally, the treated water is disinfected and released underground through perforated sub-irrigation pipes that can maintain green areas.


Dimensioned for easy transport;
Lightweight for easy transport and handling;
Anchoring features for areas with raising ground water;
User friendly and low maintenance;
Zero energy consumption;
Zero additional chemicals required.

Rapid installation:

Lightweight modules are easy to unload, position and install;
Once external connections are done the system can be considered in operation;
Thanks to the technology employed the system’s footprint is significantly reduced;
It is possible to unearth,clean and relocate the systems.
Raw water to be treated Civil waste water
Treatment capacity 30 m³/day
TSS removal 50 - 60 %
BOD5 removal 50 - 60 %
Raw water tremerature 15°C ~ 25°C
Destination of treated water Further treatment or disposal through sub irrigation
Installed power 0 kW
UPVC piping with integrated connectors √ for external connections
Spare parts and consumables kits (1, 2 or 3+ year’s supply)
Training on-site or in EMWG facilities
User and O&M manuals in languages other than English/Italian

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