Green MBR 30

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The GREEN MBR 30 is a modular and transportable civil waste water treatment plant designed for easy installation in remote areas. Thanks to the Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) technology inside the GREEN MBR 30 system, the treated water is good enough to be reused* for such tasks as flushing toilets, washing vehicles and irrigating green areas (not necessarily food crops). The whole GREEN MBR 30 waste water treatment plant has been designed to fit inside a standard 20’ shipping container meaning that the entire plant can be sent anywhere around the world. Furthermore, the standard container can be customized to become the waste water treatment plant’s permanent housing. EMWG recertifies the modified container for transport. * to be confirmed by norms and standards in place at final destination.


Once in the system, the civil waste water passes through the following treatment stages: pre-treatment including grease and oil removal, biological oxidation, hollow fiber membrane filtration, sludge recycling, sludge dewatering and disinfection. The activated sludge system which works to reduce the organic load in the water, consists of two oxidation tanks in which blowers feed an air distribution network made up of pipes and fine bubble diffusers. Following this section a hollow fiber membrane separates the sludge from the water. The plants include an effluent discharge mechanism to discharge the clear water The GREEN MBR 30 is controlled through a dedicated control panel and the plant can also be supplied with a remote monitoring system that send alerts to cell phones and allow for easy monitoring of key parameters on smartphones and computers.

Delivery & Rapid Installation:

Delivered factory tested and “ready to start”;
Ideal for post emergency recovery where good sanitation needs to be (re)established);
The transport container can also be the plant’s permanent housing.

Footprint & environmental impact:

The whole system only takes up an area the size of a 20’ shipping container;
MBR technology permits a very high level of waste water purification meaning the water can be safely reused*. If not reused the clean effluent contains no substances dangerous to the natural environment.
Raw water to be treated Civil waste water
Maximum treatment capacity 30 m³/day
BOD5 at inlet 250 ppm
TSS at inlet 250 ppm
Raw water temperature 15°C ~ 25°C
BOD5 at outlet < 20 ppm
TSS at outlet < 20 ppm
Installed power 4 kW, 380V, 50Hz
Approx. dimensions 2200 x 5800 h 2200 mm
Modified 20’ Container as housing for GREEN MBR 30 √ 
Spare parts and consumables kits (1, 2 or 3+ year’s supply)
Chemicals, cleaning and conservation products (kits)
Training on-site or in EMWG facilities
User and O&M manuals in languages other than English/Italian

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