Water Treatment Plants and Equipment for Emergencies: 3 matches

Euro Mec Water Group (EMWG) can provide water purification units and accessories that are ideal for emergency prevention or intervention.

Emergency Response
Following natural or manmade disasters that leave people without homes and compromise or destroy public infrastructure, it is essential to provide people with safe drinking water as quickly as possible and to (re)establish sanitation systems to avoid sickness and disease due to unhygienic environments. Euro Mec Water Group is ready to provide emergency response equipment including drinking water treatment plants, water tanks, disinfection equipment and chemicals and water drainage kits directly from our warehouse. All goods are user friendly and delivered with all necessary components for rapid onsite installation and EMWG is ready to provide technical assistance onsite, online or via telephone.

Disaster Preparedness
The impact of a disaster can be limited by individuals, communities and authorities being prepared with emergency supplies, disaster management plans and known sources of supplies and equipment. The equipment showcased in this website, and more, can be prepared IN ADVANCE of unforeseeable events in order to help local, national and international bodies safeguard against water and sanitation disasters in their regions.

Post Emergency Recovery
Euro Mec Water Group’s mobile and package water treatment plants provide short, medium AND long term water and sanitation solutions which makes them ideal for post emergency recovery. Following are just some of the advantages offered by these systems:
• Compact design and small footprint of the systems means minimal clearing and little or no site works;
• Mobile units can be supplied with universal and NATO specified connections towable by a wide range of vehicles including military trucks;
• Robust design and quality materials ensure long equipment life so some units can be introduced for emergency response and remain part of the post emergency recovery for years to come.

All EMWG systems are able to be customized to your needs. Technical data on this website is indicative and subject to variation without notice.
In addition to Euro Mec Water Group’s standard product ranges producing drinking water and treating waste water, EMWG can provide the following accessories
Water tanks

Water tanks

EMWG has a range of flexible water tanks available from stock*, which are ideal for raw water accumulation, water treatment plant concentrate collection and drinking water accumulation and storage.

Drinking water jerry cans

Drinking water jerry cans

Euro Mec Water Group supplies flexible drinking water jerry cans to compliment their drinking water treatment plants. These bags are an ideal accessory in remote or disaster stricken areas where water supply networks have been compromised or are lacking

Chlorine generators

Chlorine generators

Disinfection is an important stage in all water treatment plants and Euro Mec Water Group employs a range of technologies including Sodium Hypochlorite dosing systems for prolonged water disinfection

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