Water tanks

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EMWG has a range of flexible water tanks available from stock*, which are ideal for raw water accumulation, water treatment plant concentrate collection and drinking water accumulation and storage.

Euro Mec Water Group’s flexible water tanks are employed in field camps for the storage and distribution of water.

For larger capacities EMWG recommends using two tanks of smaller capacity to make up the total required. This makes the tanks easier to handle and ensures that there is always some water storage available if one of the tanks has to be emptied for maintenance or used elsewhere for example.


“Pillow” tanks (top photo), or water bladders, are ideal for drinking water storage and distribution as they are closed to the elements.  Stored water should carry a disinfectant and this will help keep the tank clean. The tanks come with an overflow valve so can’t be overfilled.


“Onion” tanks (middle photo) are self supporting flexible storage tanks which don’t require any additional supporting framework. They are extremely easy to set up: lay out the tank out on its heavy duty ground sheet (supplied), close the outlet, fill with water and watch the tank rise! When empty “onion” tanks fold up to a minimum size for both transport and storage.


The tanks in the bottom photo on the left have a modular steel frame which can be galvanized or coated steel. These tanks pack down to a minimum size for transport and storage however an “onion” tanks of the same capacity will take up less space when packed away.


All EMWG flexible Water Tanks are made of non-toxic reinforced polyester fabric which is UV, abrasion and puncture resistant. Joints are double welded for extra strength and durability and specific fabric weights (g/m²) are available upon request (standard g/m² tailored to capacity).
Tank inlet and outlet fittings are available in different materials such as stainless steel and fibreglass reinforced poly-propylene. EMWG tanks are weather resistant in a temperature  range of -30°C to +70°C.
EMWG tanks are manufactured according to International Standards and are certified for use with drinking water.


It is important to monitor the quality of the water in the tanks to avoid unhealthy algae and bacteria growth. If the tanks have to be cleaned they should be emptied, flushed with clean water, scrubbed if necessary, filled with chlorinated water and let stand to allow sufficient contact time to kill bacteria.  
Full instructions and repair kits come with every tank supplied.


All EMWG Flexible Water Tanks pack down to a minimum size, ideal for road, sea and air freight. Depending on the capacity of the tank, and therefore its bulk, the packing units can be safely handled by two or more people.
Installation is also safe and easy for two people. The “pillow” and “onion” tanks simply need to be laid out on their heavy duty ground sheets (supplied), and filled with water (photos below).
In the case of the steel frame tanks the modular frame needs to be erected and the tank fixed on this frame, then it is ready to fill with water.  
Capacity 5 – 50 m³ (5,000 – 50,000 lt). Please enquire if other sizes are required.
Material PVC (food grade if required) PVC (food grade if required) PVC (food grade if required)
Inlet /outlet Included Included Included
Overflow valve Included n/a n/a
Ground sheet Included Included Included
Cover (in same material) n/a Included Included
Repair kit Included Included Included
Instruction manual Included Included Included

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