Drinking water jerry cans

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Euro Mec Water Group supplies flexible drinking water jerry cans to compliment their drinking water treatment plants. These bags are an ideal accessory in remote or disaster stricken areas where water supply networks have been compromised or are lacking.

Each jerry can has  an 8 lt. capacity and  is able to resist a 1m drop test where the container filled with water and dropped from 1m with free space under the jerry can onto a hard surface without breaking (breaking evident at 2m on a hard surface).

Features include: reusable seal, rigid carry handle, incorporated spout for easy filling and emptying, instructions for use printed on each tank. The tank is lightweight, reusable* and able to be folded away for safe keeping between uses.


Euro Mec Water Group is ready to customise the front face of the jerry cans (where the logo is printed in the photos). Here we can include client or donor name(s) and logo(s) or perhaps information promoting health and hygiene to the communities where the bags will be used.

Material Flexible non toxic polyethylene
Capacity 8 litres
Resealable Yes
Reusable Yes*
Drop  resistant 1 meter when full
Break resistant Can support 100kg of downward pressure
Instructions for use Printed on each tank
Packing Boxed on pallet for air, sea, road transport
* The jerry can must be kept clean between uses and free of other liquids or contaminants that may be harmful if ingested.

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