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Disinfection is an important stage in all water treatment plants and Euro Mec Water Group employs a range of technologies including Sodium Hypochlorite dosing systems for prolonged water disinfection.
Sodium Hypochlorite requires special handling and in fact international transport regulations classify this chemical as a hazardous material which, as well as increasing safety risks, can make it difficult and costly to transport.

Euro Mec Water Group has eliminated this problem by incorporating in selected systems an onsite chlorine generator requiring only salt, water and electricity. This low-cost technology permits onsite generation of the water disinfectant Sodium Hypochlorite.


The generation of sodium hypochlorite requires very little in terms of raw materials. All that is needed is water, salt and electricity!

The generating cell at the heart of the system consists of a series of highly specialized electrodes encased in a protective PVC casing. When submersed in a brine solution and the appropriate current is applied, the electrodes incite an electrolytic reaction whereby the brine solution is converted into a solution of sodium hypochlorite.

The Sodium Hypochlorite is generated by the following final reaction:
ClNa + H2O + e(-) = NaOCl + H2


Close attention must be paid to the materials used for the construction of and in conjunction with the onsite Chlorine Generator because both salt and the Sodium Hypochlorite generated have corrosive effect on metals and some plastics.

The electrode is made primarily of PVC while EMWG can supply as optional items PE and Stainless Steel tanks and cleaning containers (as seen in the picture on the left).


The Sodium Hypochlorite generator is ideal for permanent installation in a well ventilated area or, it can be incorporated in EMWG mobile water treatment units to be transported with the purification to remote locations where it is required.
The figures below illustrate how very simple the system is and how easy it is to use. Full Operation and Maintenance instructions come with every unit.  
TECHNICAL DATA SPECIFICATION ( over range of different models )
Electrode: Production cycle 24 hours
Electrode: Production per hr 30 – 210 grams
Electrode: Chlorine per cycle 720 – 5040 grams
Electrode:Concentration 6 grams / litre
Consumption / cycle: Salt 3.5 – 28 kg
Consumption / cycle: Electricity 5  – 36 Kwh
Consumption / cycle: Water 90 – 630 litres
Dimensions: Electrode 66 – 145 cm
Dimensions: Cable length 200 cm or to measure
Dimensions: Weight 2.5 – 10 kg
Power Supply: Type Switching (fixed current – floating voltage)
Power Supply: Timer switch 24 hours variable
Power Supply: Input 120/240VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Supply: Output ~12VDC, 15A or 26A or 55A
Optional: Reactor tank 20 – 300 + litres
Optional: Accumulation tank 20 – 300 + litres
Optional: Electrode cleaning cntr In Stainless Steel or PE
Optional: Laboratory instruments Free and Total Chlorine instruments and reagents

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