Blue Lamella

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The BLUE LAMELLA unit is a drinking water treatment plant specifically devised to treat elevated levels of turbidity up to 500 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units). The BLUE LAMELLA unit includes a water intake system able to draw from conventional or non-conventional water sources such as rivers, lakes, shallow wells, reservoirs, harvested rainwater and groundwater and is designed to produce 3-4 m³/hour of safe drinking water conforming to W.H.O. guidelines. The unit is ideal for regions where the rainy season bring lots of water but stirs up rivers and dams etc making the water very turbid (cloudy or muddy).


Once in the system, the water to be treated passes through the following treatment stages: flocculation, rapid sedimentation, slow sedimentation with a lamella settler, sand filtration, activated carbon filtration, chlorination and storage. All the components required for the these treatment stages, and the plant operation in general, are included in this compact, trailer mounted system designed to be easily transported to different locations where safe drinking water is scarce or nonexistent. Another important feature to note is that the unit is equipped with its own built in generator (seen in the photo above) which ensures the units complete autonomy.

Sedimentation and filtration

The sedimentation processes included are important to achieve the desired water quality and to protect other components upstream thereby reducing required maintenance and extending he unit’s life.

Rapid installation

Delivered “ready to start” and highly mobile making it ideal for emergency interventions;
The configuration optimizes space for both on site movement and for containerized transport.


Optional but included as standard;
Innovative rapid twist-lock attachments available;
NATO specification tow bar and hitches available;
Built-in storage compartments for accessories.

Generatore integrato:

The unit is autonomous with its own power source;
Mounted on sliding frame for maximum ventilation;
Diesel or petrol generators available.
Raw (feed) water Turbid fresh water
Drinking water flow rate (depending on raw water quality) 3 ~ 4 m³ / h MAX
Ambient working temperature 5 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Required power 1,5 kW - 220 V o 400V 50 Hz o 60 Hz
Dimensions (without trailer) 1100 x 2850 x 1400h mm
Spare parts and consumables kits (1, 2 or 3+ year’s supply)
Chemicals, cleaning and conservation products (kits)
Chemical dosing system
Floatation device for raw water intake pump
Raw and treated water storage tanks (various types)
Photovoltaic system
Custom canvas cover
Trailer with NATO hitch and height-adjustable tow bar
Training on-site or in Euro Mec Water Group facilities
User and O&M manuals in languages other than English/Italian

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