Blue Ultra

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The BLUE ULTRA is designed to purify microbiologically and chemically affected water for the production of drinking water and is capable of treating water from a wide range of sources such as rivers, lakes, dams, rain water reservoirs and wells. The version: BLUE ULTRA SOLAR is ideal for remote locations with good sun exposure as it can operate independently collecting solar energy from its own photovoltaic panels. The UFV unit is easy to use and ideal for installation in an onsite service room where it takes up very little space. Alternatively it can be be supplied in an insulated cabinet and/or trailer mounted.


The BLUE ULTRA combines sedimentation, microfiltration, ultra-filtration and UV sterilization to remove visible particles from the water and also eliminate bacteria, viruses and many other substances potentially hazardous to health. The low energy consumption of the BLUE ULTRA unit make it ideal for use with alternative energy sources such as solar power and eolic energy generated by wind turbines. Alternatively the system can be connected to a generator or the main power supply.

Autonomous operation:

The UFV units are designed to work with power provided by their own photovoltaic system so can work alone making it ideal for remote or hard-to-get-to locations;
Sedimentation and cartridge filtration improve water quality and protect other components upstream thereby reducing maintenance requirements and extending the unit’s life.


ELIMINATES: algae, mold , spores, Giardia, Crypto, Bacteria Viruses and Colloids;
EMWG treatment plants are configured to optimize treatment times, minimize bulk & weight, minimize maintenance requirements and guarantee water quality
Raw (feed) water Fresh water
Drinking water flow rate (depending on raw water quality) 500 l/h - 1000 l/h - 1500 l/h - 2000 l/h
Ambient working temperature 5 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Feed water temperature 1 ° C ~ 30 ° C
Installed power 1,0 kW - 1,0 kW - 1,5 kW - 1,5 kW
Indicative dimension of vertical model 600 x 280~ 580 x 1500h mm
Indicative dimension of horizontal model (trailer excluded) 800 x 800 x 1000 ( to 1200 ) h mm
Spare parts and consumables kits (1, 2 or 3+ year’s supply)
UV disinfection
Raw water intake pump (various types)
Floatation device for raw water intake pump
Raw and treated water storage tanks (various types)
Photovoltaic system
Power generator
Protective pannelling/cabinet
Training on-site or in Euro Mec Water Group facilities
User and O&M manuals in languages other than English/Italian

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