Blue B System

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This system offers a modular solution for the production of drinking water from brackish water sources.

The mobility of the trailer mounted units also make them ideal for emergency interventions (external power source required).

The units are supplied “ready to start” and a wide range of accessories ideal for use in the field is available.


As described below the modules employ mixed media filtration and reverse osmosis technology in this case EMWG couples the following two products to create the BLUE B SYSTEM:
Each unit, or combination of units, includes a disinfection system employing an onsite chlorine generator which relies on common salt plus water to make the required chlorine. This means that non dangerous goods have to be shipped with the water treatment plants. 

BLUE FILTER - basic filtration unit:

When coupled to an RO unit the BLUE FILTER is used as a pretreatment module for saline water and/or water with high turbidity.

In the BLUE FILTER water undergoes rapid sedimentation then flows through sand and active carbon filters for complete removal of turbidity and organic compounds.

The water then passes into the RO unit making up the other half of the BLUE B SYSTEM to remove salts from brackish water.

BLUE B ISLAND - reverse osmosis unit:

The BLUE B ISLAND is capable of treating brackish water that has been rendered limpid in the preceding filtration unit.

Filtered water enters the BLUE B ISLAND passing through a microfilter before arriving at the heart of the plant:  reverse osmosis (RO) system complete with pressure pumps and RO membranes specifically desigend for brackish water. Following this the water undergoes remineralization and disinfection. The unit is complete with its own Clean-In-Place (CIP) system.
Raw (feed) water Brackish water ( TDS <6000 ppm )
Drinking water flow rate (depending on raw water quality) 2.5 m³ / hr MAX
Ambient working temperature 5 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Installed power 7 kW 380 V 50 Hz
Dimensions (without trailer) 2x ( 1140 x 2850 x1400h mm )
Total weight (including trailer) 2300 kg + 1400 kg
Spare parts and consumables kits (1, 2 or 3+ year’s supply)
Chemicals, cleaning and conservation products (kits)
Trailer (2) with innovative twist lock connections
Trailer (2) with NATO hitch and height-adjustable tow bar
Floatation device for raw water intake pump
Raw and treated water storage tanks (various types)
Photovoltaic system
Training on-site or in EMWG facilities
User and O&M manuals in languages other than English/Italian

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