Italian ministry of defence - field installations

Various camps worldwide such as: Haiti following the 2010 earthquake and ally camps in Afghanistan
Italian Ministry of Defense - General Directorate of Land Armaments Detachment III – 9th Division
Water treatment plants
 Three (3) type of field plants (mobile and containerized) for:
- Drinking water treatment 70 m3/day, NSN: 4610-15-202-5363
- Desalination of sea water 70 m3/day, NSN: 4610-15-202-5364
- Civil waste water treatment 70 m3/day, NSN: 4610-15-202-5365
(NSN: NATO Stock Number)

EMWG supplied mobile water treatment plants to the Italian Ministry of Defense for use in military camps and peacekeeping missions worldwide.

Three types of plants are supplied:
  • Containerized mobile reverse osmosis drinking water plant supplying 70 m3/day of drinking water from fresh and brackish water sources;
  • Containerized mobile reverse osmosis desalination plant producing 70m3/day of drinking water from sea water;
  • Containerized mobile waste water treatment plant for the treatment of civil waste water coming from military camps.

All the systems include advanced technology in order to guarantee, under all conditions of use: speed of deployment and set up, ease and convenience of use, robustness, durability and easy maintenance. These systems are referred to as camp installations because they are designed to withstand a wide range of field conditions including stress resulting from storage and handling and harsh weather conditions.

EMWG also provides operation and maintenance training to military personnel in order to guarantee fast and correct set up and operation every time.

All plants are supplied with accessories and spare parts making each system complete and ready for use. To this end EMWG also provides containerized warehouses equipped with accessories and spare parts for the primary and waste water treatment systems.

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