River water filtration units for Juba, Sudan

Juba, Sudan
Intergovernmental Organization, field mission in Sudan
Water treatment plant:
Four (4) river water filtration units based on sand/multimedia filtration.
Raw water source:
The Nile River
Treated water quality:
Turbidity 1 - 5 NTU
3x units producing 25 m3/hour each
1x unit producing 50 m3/hour

Requiring river water filtration plants to treat turbid water from the Nile the peacekeeping mission in Sudan invited Euro Mec to submit a proposal which was then accepted for the supply of four (4) filtration plants to Juba, Sudan.


The filtration units largely consist of a skid mounted sand/multimedia filters able to treat water with TDS of 185.9 ppm and turbidity >25 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units).

Three (3) of the four units supplied have flow rates of 25 m3/hour. The fourth unit is capable of producing 50 m3/hour of safe drinking water and consists of two 25 m3/hour units working in parallel.

Even though the units have different capacities they are all based on the same modular design to optimize spare parts, training and maintenance. In the case of the larger 50m3/hr unit the modular design also means that water supply is not interrupted if part of the unit is shut down for maintenance or other reasons.

All the units were designed to fit inside standard ISO shipping containers ready for rapid installation onsite. EMWG’s internal logistics office also arranged and coordinated the transport over land and sea to the final destination in Juba.

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