Nepal - solar powered drinking water pumps

Thirty (30) villages in rural Nepal
Funding Bodies:
European Commission, European Community External Actions, EuropeAid - The Project Taskforce of the Renewable Energy Project (PTF-REP)
Project Type:
Supply of equipment and technical expertise and training for both skilled and unskilled operators.
Water source:
Potable spring water
Thirty (30) solar powered submersible pumping systems including photovoltaic panels and all necessary accessories.
From 4m³/day to 27m³/day (depending on the water available at source)

With an average of more than 300 sunny days per year Nepal enjoys excellent solar exposure throughout the country with an average insolation of around 4.5kWh/m2/day at optimum tilt. This means that solar energy is a viable option for meeting the energy demand in an rural Nepal.

At the beginning of this century the Nepalese Government introduced subsidies promoting renewable energy and the policy includes incentives for rural villages to exploit their optimum solar exposure with solar powered water pumps. With the aid of European Commission funding and project management, the government ran a tender which resulted in Euro Mec and Italian partner being awarded a contract for the supply of thirty (30) submersible solar pumps, complete with connections and accessories to be installed in 30 villages.

The solar powered pumps operate in sunlight hours, 8 hours per day, and supply from 4 to 27 m3 of water per day (depending on the water available at the source).

The project started with a successful plot project in the village of Kholagaun in the district of Baitadi, followed by the completion of all sites and training courses for local operators nominated from the communities benefiting from the new systems.

Euro Mec is proud to be supporting the receiving communities through this low environmental impact project promoting renewable energy and sustainable solutions for remote areas.

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