Ultra filtration units for community hospitals

Carrefour, Beudet and Bon Repos, Haiti
Intergovernmental Organization
Project type:
Design, supply, installation and commissioning of three ultrafiltration units producing drinking water for clinics in Haiti.
Water treatment plant:
Three (3) drinking water treatment plants using ultra.filtration technology
Raw water source:
Boreholes onsite
Treated water quality:
Drinking water
500 litres hour of drinking water
1000 litres hour of drinking water
1000 litres hour of drinking water

The Haiti Operations Centre of a leading intergovernmental Organization, on behalf of the Brazilian Health Ministry, constructed and equipped three community hospitals, a rehabilitation centre and two laboratories in Haiti and also procured thirty fully equipped ambulances for the island.


As a result of an international tender Euro Mec Water Group supplied three ultrafiltration drinking water treatment plants for the new community hospitals in Haiti.

Two of the Euro Mec drinking water treatment plants supplied produce 1000 litres of drinking water per hour while the third produces 500 litres per hour.

A special feature of the units supplied is the incorporation of an electrolytic chlorine generator capable of economically producing chlorine onsite using just water and salt. The chlorine is used in the unit’s water disinfection treatment stage.

The units have been successfully installed in Bon Repos, Beudet and Carrefour and immediately following installation Euro Mec Water Group also carried out training of the personnel responsible for the ongoing management of the systems.

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