Compact & solar powered units for Uige

Kusso Lulovo and Quisseque Lulovo, in the Province of Uige, Angola
The province of Uige, Angola
Water treatment plant:
One (1) Compact Unit and Two (2) Blue Lamella for the sedimentation and filtration of turbid river water. The units are powered by solar energy from their own photovoltaic system.
Raw to be treated:
Fresh turbid water
Treated water quality:
Drinking water
Compact Unit 10 m3/hr and Blue Lamella 4 m3/hr of drinking water.
Two (2) year of spare parts, chemicals and consumables Installation, commissioning, onsite training & technical support.

The villages of Kusso Lulovo and Quisseque Lulovo are located in the Province of Uige in Angola. They were for a long time without their own safe and consistent drinking water supply which threatened thirst and ill health.


Euro Mec supplied to the villages their own water treatment plants complete with a water tank for the accumulation of the raw water to be treated, drinking water towers and multiple taps for easy water collection.

The two types of systems supplied by Euro Mec are:
  • Compact Unit, containerized drinking water plant (photo below right) supplying 10 m3/hour of drinking water from fresh water that potentially contains suspended solids;
  • Blue Lamella sedimentation and filtration unit (photo below left) producing 4 m3/hour of drinking water from fresh water that potentially contains suspended solids.

In addition to all necessary pipes, connections and fitting, also included in the supply were EMWG 8 litre drinking water jerry cans (photo top left) drinking water and spare parts and chemicals for up to two years of operation.

Italian engineers travelled to Kusso Lulovo and Quisseque Lulovo for the installation of the water treatment plants and construction of the yards with the support of the whole community.

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