M.A.E. “task force Iraq” - combi trailers

Various sites within the Dhi Qar Governorate, Iraq
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “Task Force Iraq”
Water treatment plant:
COMBI TRAILER mobile reverse osmosis drinking water plant.
Raw water:
Brackish water
Treated water quality:
Drinking water
26 m3/day from each unit.
Twenty (20) COMBI TRAILER units complete with trailers, spare parts and extra consumable items.
Ten (10) day training course for local operators.

Within the Directorate General for the Mediterranean and the Middle East, part of Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a special work group called “Task Force Iraq” is charged with coordinating international cooperation projects between Iraq and Italy.


Task Force Iraq’s experts stationed in Nasiriyah and Erbil requested the supply of mobile drinking water units to relieve water supply problems in war torn Iraq.

The mobile units donated by the Italian Government were Euro Mec COMBI TRAILERS, designed to be easily transported to sites where they can treat brackish water to produce up to 26m³/day of safe drinking water for local populations.

COMBI TRAILERS are self-sufficient water treatment units equipped with generator, internal water storage tank and distribution equipment. As for all Euro Mec water treatment plants COMBI TRAILERS are designed to be user friendly, requiring only common hand tools for their maintenance and parts and consumables items readily available to local operators.

In addition to the supply of the units, spare parts and consumable items, EURO MEC provided a comprehensive 10 day training course for local technicians responsible for operating and maintaining the water treatment units. Training is essential to the success of all Euro Mec projects and has the added benefit of strengthening the capacities of local operators.

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