Desalination of water from the Red Sea

Port Sudan, Sudan
Sea Ports Corporation, Sudanese Government
Project type:
Design, supply, installation and operator training for two (2) desalination plants, delivered CIF to Port Sudan on the Red Sea.
Water treatment plants:
Two (2) reverse osmosis desalination plants
Raw water sources:
The Red Sea
Treated water quality:
Drinking water
Two (2) plants each producing 150 m3/day of safe drinking water

EMWG Srl was contracted by Sea Ports Corporation, the port authority that governs, constructs and maintains harbors and ports in Sudan, for the supply and installation of two (2) containerized reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plants.

Each plant is designed to produce 150 m3/day of drinking water through desalination of water from the Red Sea and is housed in an air conditioned 40’ shipping container which has been modified to become the permanent plant housing and then recertified for road and marine transport.

The RO plants include the following equipment and treatment stages: submersible sea water intake pump, pre/post disinfection, sand & activated carbon filtration, antiscalant dosing, protective cartridge filters, high pressure pumps, energy recovery system, reverse osmosis desalination system, post sterilization, remineralization, Cleaning in Place (CIP) and automated flushing system and electrical control cabinet with PLC which automatically manages the entire plant.

In addition to the supply of the units, spare parts and consumable items, EMWG provided expert installation assistance and a comprehensive training course for local technicians responsible for operating and maintaining the desalination plants. Training is essential to the success of all EMWG projects and has the added benefit of strengthening the capacities of local operators.

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